Isabel Jorge Santos

"If you are going through a tough moment, carry on walking, always looking at the road and never at the wall.“ Manuel Duarte Jorge (businessman)

Isabel Jorge Santos

Co-founder of CATCH, Global Marketing

As a consultant for Monitor Company, she was part of the team responsible for the project “Building Portugal’s competitive advantages”, led by Professor Michael Porter.

Working at IMAGO Image and Communication for 13 years as a General Assistant Director, Isabel specialized in the areas of Consultancy in Strategic, Financial, Institutional and Crisis Communication. In this role she led various projects, such as communication operations of privatisation operations, PVOs, OPAs, institutional and financial communication of listed companies in the PSI 20 index and not listed in the areas of Automobile, Banking, Construction, Shopping Centres, Real Estate , Golf, Pulp and Paper, Health, Insurance and Tourism.

Isabel is involved in several civil and associative movements (disability, education and sustainability).

She has a Degree in Economics from the Portuguese Catholic University.